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We love coffee.

And we rock in web development.

Trees for All

The heart of Coffee Media is in the digital area. We work with computers on a daily basis. We tests on (mobile) devices. We have servers and other hardware up and running to suit our needs. This all comes with the necessary power consumption, of course.

To keep on doing what we love in a sustainable way, Coffee Media has partnered up with Trees for All. Trees for All aims to plant new forests worldwide and restore existing forests. By planting trees Coffee Media likes to contribute to a green and healthy earth.

Trees for All
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

About Trees for All

Trees for All is the most experienced partner for CO2 compensation in The Netherlands and has a CBF quality mark. Carbon dioxiod is compensated by planting new forests through certified projects.

More information about projects and the Trees for all organisation can be found on


If you'd like to have some more information about Coffee Media, Trees for All or our partnership, please contact us by:

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